TwitterTitters: How many tweeters does it take to change a lightbulb?

I say, I say, I say, <em>TwitterTitters</em> is a new book aimed at raising money for Comic Relief, and will consist of comical contributions from Twitter users

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Richard Trenholm

One. But everybody knows about it ten seconds later.

That's dynamite material, that is -- just the sort of thing that Linda Jones and Louise Bolotin are bringing together for a book entitled TwitterTitters, consisting of submissions from Twitter users and aimed at raising money for Comic Relief.

Short stories, scripts, poems and prose are welcome, as long as they stick to a tweet-worthy 1,400-words limit. There is a TwitterTitter blog that you can follow to keep up on submissions, or re-tweet Linda (twitter.com/joner) and Louise's (twitter.com/louisebolotin) shouts out to the Twitterverse.

The deadline is 4pm on Friday 20 February, after which a crack team of judges will assemble to pick the best submissions. The book will then be published through Lulu, with all the proceeds going to worthy causes like helping those with mental-health problems or those affected by conflict, and keeping Lenny Henry off your telly for another year.

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