Twitter's new #FollowMe video app creates the ultimate selfie

A video app with a twist, #FollowMe tells the story of you based on your tweets, photos, and Vine videos.

Jennifer Van Grove Former Senior Writer / News
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Jennifer Van Grove

Twitter has launched a new video tool to let people relive their top highlights on the information network.

Called #FollowMe, the app ingests your tweet stream, photos, and Vine clips to automatically spit out a short video that acts like your very own Twitter highlight reel.

The #FollowMe video is all about you -- your top photos, the most frequent topics you tweet about, your top tweet, your top followers, and even a clip or two from a Vine video -- which makes it the ultimate selfie. It's generated in a matter of seconds and you can edit it after the fact to take full control over what the video shows. You can even opt to the add the final machination to your Twitter bio.

"You'll find out if you're a night owl or an early bird, discover your most engaged followers, and feature your most popular Tweets. All set to music," Twitter Managing Editor James Buckhouse wrote on the company's blog.

#FollowMe is powered by automatic infographic-maker Vizify, the same partner Twitter choose to let information network users visualize their 2012 in tweets.

As is now common practice, Twitter has turned to celebrities -- such as NBA stars Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry, and Glee actress Amber Riley -- to help promote its new video bio tool and get it in front of the masses.