Twitter to let you edit tweets? You wish

Despite a report to the contrary, the social network probably won't let you correct yourself after the fact anytime soon.

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Jennifer Van Grove
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In the heat of composing a tweet, you'd probably love not to fret over getting every detail right before firing it off, but sadly you're out of luck -- at least for the time being. That's because Twitter is not actively exploring introducing an after-the-fact edit option for your tweets, despite a report to the contrary from blogger Matthew Keys.

Keys reported, citing sources, that when released, an edit button would allow Twitter users to adjust their 140-character updates during a yet-to-determined window of time, but only once per tweet. Twitter declined to comment. Sources familiar with the matter, however, told CNET that an edit option is not something Twitter is paying attention to right now.

Keys also said that Twitter would reportedly try to prevent bait-and-switch tweets with an editorial algorithm that could determine when the import of a tweet has been changed significantly. The report does sound plausible as the social network has a well-deserved reputation for spreading misinformation quickly and would seemingly be interested in helping people set the record the straight when they disperse bad information.

Update, 4:45 p.m. PT: Despite a report to the contrary, sources familiar with the matter told CNET that Twitter is not actively exploring an edit feature.