Tweets arrive on Bloomberg terminals

Traders and other financial professionals can now monitor social-media buzz about companies they follow. Hello, social enterprise!

Andrew Nusca Special to CNET News
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Andrew Nusca
Wall Street traders
Wall Street traders working the floor of the NYSE. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

In the latest triumph for the real-time social network, Twitter will now be incorporated into the Bloomberg terminals popular with Wall Street traders.

The company says it plans to incorporate tweets into its data service, widely used in the financial industry, so that people can monitor social media buzz about companies, according to The New York Times.

The irony is that financial services firms have long blocked the service as a potential risk in violating the regulations that govern the communications of their employees.

In this example, though, Twitter isn't a channel for employee output, but public input.

More data. More insight. And no more need for traders to keep their phones nearby, just to check what the hive mind is saying about a particular company they are interested in.

The data service allows for tweets to be sorted by company and topic, and will incorporate tweets from companies, chief executives and key financial thought leaders (investors, press, et cetera).

Terminal customers can search through them using keywords and set up alerts for particular terms, underscoring Twitter's emergence as the dominant place for real-time public communication online and its supplanting of the traditional news wire.

This story originally appeared as "Bloomberg adds tweets to terminals" on ZDNet.