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Touchscreen Blackberry on the way?

Dare to dream that RIM can catch a bit of Apple's hipness.

Blackberry 9000 series
Blackberry 9000 series Engadget.com

I'm still the only Mac guy I know who doesn't have an iPhone, primarily because AT&T service doesn't work in my house in San Francisco (it must be the fog.)

I still like my Blackberry 8870 (on VZW) despite the fact that it feels like I am operating in 1998 and all my friends are in 2008. It would be nice if RIM would modernize these things, especially for we addicts who prefer an outside keyboard. The new 9000 series seems to go a ways toward that until the carriers jump in and screw it up. Sorry VZW, your service is great but your user interface "enhancements" ruin all the work that the manufacturers do toward usability.

If you want to read more about the market dynamics around RIM and Apple, today's NY Times has what feels like an interminably obvious piece for your enjoyment.