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Touchnote app licks Christmas cards for you, from your phone

Touchnote lets you send your cards right from your phone, with no need to enmoisten envelopes or stock up on stamps.

Sent your Christmas cards yet? Better get cracking! Fortunately the Touchnote app lets you send your cards right from your phone, with no need to enmoisten envelopes or stock up on stamps -- and you don't even have to know the recipient's address.

Even better, the Crimbo cards have customised covers. Using the app, you can select a photo from your own snaps on your phone and use that for the front of the card.

Once you've selected the cover image, from your photos or elsewhere, you can apply filters and add your own message. Touchnote then print them on thick textured card and stick 'em in the post for you.

Sign in with Facebook and you can see your friends. Choose who you want to send a card to and Touchnote will request their address. They have to add the Facebook app to enter their address, which is a bit of a liberty, but you can always find out their address the old-fashioned way and type it into Touchnote yourself.

If you have a lot of people to send cards to, there's a mailmerge feature to take the hassle out of addressing all those cards by hand.

Touchnote started out sending holiday postcards from your phone, but has added greetings cards for the holidays. You pay by buying credits, so the more credit you buy the cheaper each card is: they start at £1.24 when you buy five credits (plus one free) for £7.45. If you have a big family or a lot of friends, 50 credits (plus 25 free) cost £74.50 and each card is less than a quid.

Touchnote is available for iPhone 5 and Android now. Last post is on Thursday 20 December for first-class mail.

How many Christmas cards do you send out? Would you like to get it sorted without ever having to lick a single envelope? Tell me your seasonal thoughts in the comments or on our festive Facebook page.