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Top World Cup downloads

To sate your football needs, we've chosen a few of our favourite World Cup-themed downloads that you can check out.

Unfortunately, this photo is not real -- it's just Australia winning in EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Hope all you sports fans are planning a quiet weekend, because rest is going to be at a premium during all of June. The 2006 FIFA World Cup kicks off in Germany from next weekend, bringing with it more than four weeks of sleep deprivation as we all tune in to matches telecast during the early morning hours. This event is definitely not to be missed, however, as Australia will more than likely end up winning their first ever World Cup.

OK, so that last point may be a little far-fetched (but second round at least for Guus' men, surely?), but it's hard to keep the emotions in rein when World Cup fever is sweeping the nation. To sate your football needs, we've chosen a few of our favourite World Cup-themed downloads that you can check out.

FIFA World Cup Screensaver
This nifty little screensaver allows you to view key moments in World Cup history from 1930 to today. Relive your favourite tournament with this download.

My World Cup 2006 1.2
My World Cup 2006 is a football management program for the FIFA 2006 World Cup. It consists of one main screen where you can enter all the scores and immediately see the resulting standings and later match-ups. Some of the program's features include multi-language support (English, French, and Spanish), game times displayed according to the time zone you select, a chronological schedule of all games, team highlighting, showing the date, time, and city where the game is played when hovering over a match-up, stadium information, links to relevant Web sites, and the ability to print a report.

2006 FIFA World Cup demo
With interest at such a high locally thanks to the world-beating efforts of the Socceroos, EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup is bound to sell truckloads of copies, regardless of the quality of the game. Thankfully, the game is mostly a winner, and should prove a solid choice for both football veterans and bandwagon jumpers alike. This demo lets you play as one of four countries in the 2006 World Cup. Read our review of the game here.

World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar 1.4
World Cup 2006 Tournament Calendar is a chance for every fan to meet the key football event in full arms. It is a spreadsheet that automatically calculates the standing of each team based on its score and FIFA rules.

BBC World Cup Wallchart
The full schedule of all 64 games at the World Cup finals in Germany is available as a printable wallchart. Full group schedules, dates and venues are detailed on the wallchart, which can be downloaded on the BBC Sport website.

World Cup 2006 Prediction Manager
This download lets you organise a prediction comp with just some friends or your family. But you can also organise large competitions with thousands of competitors. With World Cup 2006 prediction manager you can organise and administer as many competitions as you wish.