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Top 5 from Demo 07 [Video]

Rafe and Erica's Top 5 products from Demo 07

Demo 07 is over. Erica Ogg and I scoped out almost all of the 68 introductions at the show, and it was hard to pick out the best. But we did it anyway. Here are our favorite products from Demo:

Vuvox: Gorgeous multimedia presentation creation tool, designed for the MySpace and MTV crowd. Best demo of a Web app I've ever seen.

Jaman: Indie film site. What makes this service so good? Is it the HD quality, or the community? Nope. It's the content. The team is jetting to all the good film festivals and buying up the streaming rights to the good movies.

Adobe Apollo: Very important cross-platform software platform that will get Internet applications out of the browser. Apollo apps should start showing up this year.

Zink: Prints without ink. Printers can be small enough to fit on a camera. The founders don't want you to say "thermal paper," but that's what it is. Just in color. Or put another way, "Polaroid 2.0."

Eyejot: Supersimple video voice mail. No client required. Both Erica and I are actually using this new service.

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