Green scream: The top 10 Shia LaBeouf motivational mashup videos

When Shia LaBeouf, a movie star who's no longer famous (his words), went crazy in front of a green screen for an art school video, the Internet stepped in to do what it does best.

Danny Gallagher
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Danny Gallagher
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Shia LaBeouf told the Internet to "JUST DO IT!" and they did, only he probably didn't mean for them to do it to HIM. Video screenshot by Danny Gallagher/CNET

What happened to Shia LaBeouf? He went from being the precocious little kid on the Disney Channel's "Even Stevens" to a pseudo movie star who seems more content with trying to make the world wonder if he'll soon be doing a PSA about the dangers of taking too many powerful drugs.

He's been involved in multiple incidents that demanded a police presence, including drunk and disorderly behavior during a New York show and a misdemeanor charge of trespassing at a Walgreens drug store, which is hard to do since most of them are open for 24 hours.

He got caught plagiarizing from a graphic novel for a short film, and when he issued a response to the accusation, his response earned him another accusation of plagiarism. Then when it seemed he couldn't get any wackier, he proudly walked out in public with a paper bag on his head that read, "I am not famous anymore." And that's just if you don't count the fact that he thought "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" had a decent script that was worthy of being included on his IMDB page.

His latest public appearance comes courtesy of an art project from the London art school Central Saint Martins. According to Vox, LaBeouf starred in a 31-minute video that first appeared on Vimeo called "#INTRODUCTIONS" in which he performs several monologues written by students in front of a green screen.

The students then manipulated the video for a school project. The Internet became particularly interested in a monologue at the 8:58 mark written by a student named Joshua Parker. It features LaBeouf screaming motivational catchphrases into the camera like a roided bodybuilder who's just on the cusp of "Hulking out" and turning as green as the screen behind him.

The Internet has a lot of time on its hands and access to enough special-effects software to make a B-movie, sci-fi epic. So some viewers took the green-screen footage of LaBeouf screaming "DO IT!" and "YES YOU CAN!" and crammed it into some of their favorite Internet videos and movie scenes.

We've collected the best of the bunch, and we should warn you that some of these videos may contain language that could get you in trouble with the HR rep in your office or the parent of children who love showing off their new four-letter words in front of older relatives.

Shia and a pre-Fox News Bill O'Reilly

Shia and Batman v. Superman

Shia, the Apple iWatch motivational app

Shia, the Jedi Master

Shia and the Avengers

Shia and the Death Eaters

Shia's TED talk

Shia and HAL 9000

Shia and Anakin Skywalker

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