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Top 10 funniest news reporter bloopers

Sometimes you just need a break and you want to sit back and relax while watching funny videos. We have you covered with this list of the top 10 news reporter bloopers.

You think your local TV news guy, Mr. Perfect Hair, is always on top of things? Not so much. And when local and national news reporters mess up, chances are the cameras are rolling. That makes for great YouTube fodder. Here are the top 10 funniest news reporter bloopers on YouTube.

Before I get into the list, I do want to note that all of the following videos are safe for work and kids. There are a plenty of hilarious videos showing reporters messing up and using foul language (I'm looking at you, Bill O'Reilly), but since this is a family site, we thought it best to keep it clean. If you're looking for the R-rated stuff, it's not hard to find.

10. I was your boss once
It seems there are some hard feelings between this reporter and the news anchor as they argue over whether they should ask an eyewitness a few more questions. Hilarity ensues when the reporter gets pwned.

9. Are you dreaming of outdoor activities? So is she
Riding an ATV isn't as fun as you think. In this clip, a news reporter named Stephanie shows us exactly why outdoor activities can be far more dangerous than even the most outdoorsy among us want to admit.

8. Don't mess with news reporters
Look, they don't bother you when you're working, so stop bothering these news reporters when they're trying to work, OK? That's the lesson one guy learned when he decided he would be a funny dude on live television.

7. Cockroach 1, Weatherman 0

A tropical storm is approaching Florida and just as the weatherman in this clip is about to deliver the bad news to folks around Miami, something crawls up his leg: a cockroach! He reacts swiftly by running off camera and screaming. Thinking the worst of it is over, he then goes back to his forecast only to find out that the cockroach is back for another scare. Hilarious.

6. Snowball to the grill
It's winter and a bad storm is raging overhead in this clip. And just as the reporter, decked out in a big, red jacket starts finding out just how bad the storm really is, he gets plunked with a snowball to his face on live television. He claims he will "get" the thrower for doing that, but whether he did will always remain in doubt--the clip stops when his face gets pelted with snowflakes.

5. Don't ride skateboards. KTHXBAI
Unless you know how to ride a skateboard, don't try it. Ever. This reporter is at a local skate park and decides she wants to show off for the cameras by demonstrating how to perform an "ollie," a maneuver where you jump up and land back on the skateboard safely. No such luck.

4. Man is no match for sled
Why would this news reporter think it was a smart idea to stand in the middle of a mountain as sleds were flying down? Evidently, he thought it would be a cool shot if one went past him, but I guess he didn't consider the fact that on a mountain in the middle of winter, trying to guess exactly where a sled will go is almost impossible. But I will give him a 9.7 on the landing.

3. Chuck, watch out for that...
So, Chuck Storm is here to discuss a robbery and he decided that to make the report more appealing, he wouldn't just stand in place like most reporters. No, our friend Chuck decided that he was going to walk and talk while staring directly at the camera instead of what was in front of him. Bad idea.

2. Snakes are cool. Kinda.
I don't like snakes. I never have and I never will. That's why I can relate to this reporter who was forced to go in front of a camera and talk to a snake expert about the serpents he brought into the studio that day. Everything was fine until one of the snakes decided that the reporter would be his new best friend. I guess the reporter isn't looking for any new companions.

1. Don't look up!
There's a bird infestation of Canadian brown finches in a local resident's back yard and this intrepid reporter decided that he would need to go there to see just how bad it was. Not content to simply look at the tree, he decided that he would need to stand under the tree and look up with his mouth open. The finches saw opportunity.

So there you have it, the best of the best in news reporter bloopers. Anything I missed or something you like? Let us know in the comments.