Three-bundle Thursday: Games, books and Mac apps

For anyone who likes to read, play or, um, use a Mac, there's a great bundle to be had.

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Rick Broida
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Humble Bundle

Hi, cheeps! No, I'm not dead or in the hospital, though it was kind of so many of you to ask. As I mentioned on Monday, I'm traveling this week. But I'll be back to full-strength deal sharing next week.

In the meantime, I bring you three of my favorite kind of deal: bundles!

1. Mac time

I love a good software bundle, especially when it mixes a little of everything: productivity, utilities, maybe even a little fun.

That's the Ultra-Premium Mac Bundle in a nutshell. It serves up seven insanely useful Mac apps and one fun one for $44.99. Combined value: $469. Whaaaat!


The roster includes screencasting and video-editing tool ScreenFlow 5, data-recovery utility Data Rescue 4, and the latest entry in the mega-popular Civilization series, Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth. (That title normally sells for $50 all by itself.)

I'm not a Mac person, but I know a sweet bundle when I see one. This one: sweet.

2. Book time

Humble Bundle

Are you a fan of science fiction, fantasy or horror? The Humble Bundle folks are about to fill your library with goodness: the Humble Subterranean Press Book Bundle lets you name your own price for a mess o' books from -- you guessed it -- Subterranean Press.

This DRM-free e-book collection includes anywhere from five to 17 titles, depending on how much you pay. I say pony up $15 to get the whole kit and kaboodle (aside: anyone know what a kaboodle is?), thereby ensuring you'll enjoy the works of not just Harlan Ellison and Jack Vance, but also Clive Barker and John Scalzi. Total value: nearly $100.

Plus, a portion of the proceeds goes to Worldbuilders, a charity that supports Heifer International. Win-win!

3. Game time

While you're visiting the Humble Bundle site, click over to the Humble Square Enix Bundle 2 -- as compelling a game collection as I've seen in a while.

For as little as a buck, you get Hitman: Absolution, Supreme Commander 2 and Hitman GO for Android -- very highly rated games, all. Beat the average (currently $7 and change) for at least three more titles (there's a mystery "coming-soon" game in the mix), or pay $15 to add Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs to the mix.

Again, worthy charities get some love as well. Even if you've already played a couple of these games, this is still a great collection, especially for a price that's about what you'd pay for a movie ticket and small popcorn. (It's all about value for your buck, people.)

Cheapskate out. See you back here on Monday!