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A Netflix Watch is the only wearable you really want

Apple Watch, Schmapple Watch. Netflix's parody ad for a Netflix Watch knows that the only thing you want to do is watch movies and TV all day anyway, so why not put the screen on your wrist?

If you've been eyeing the shiny, new Apple Watch, there's a fake product that could make you think twice. Netflix has released a parody ad for the Netflix Watch, a fictitious wearable that lets you view movies and TV shows on your wrist. Just a week late for April Fools'.

The Netflix Watch ad shows off the sleek device, which is basically just a smartphone hooked into a case with a watch band so you can wear it on your arm. Of course, the Netflix Watch tells the time -- it's a watch, after all -- but it also lets you catch up on "Daredevil," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" and the countless other TV shows and movies on the popular streaming service. Life is simply too short to waste precious time not watching Netflix.

Sadly, the Netflix Watch isn't real, so you'll have to just be like everyone else and use your smartphone while avoiding walking into traffic or falling down manholes.

The Netflix Watch knows all you want to do is watch Netflix all the time. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET