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The Crave Podcast joins Facebook

Last week we put Facebook on trial in the Crave Podcast, now we've embraced it with open arms -- join the Crave Podcast group now to keep tabs on all the latest news, photos and discussions

Calling all podcast fans! Last week we put the "painfully fashionable social-networking site" Facebook on trial in Episode 33 of the technically trendy Crave Podcast.

Chris Stevens put up a valiant fight, saying Facebook was evil, causing him to get thrown out of a club for "poking a man" and allowing blocked memories of school bullies to resurface in his addled mind. But Judge Rupert named Rory the victor, declaring that while it's possibly to make a "complete tosser of yourself on Facebook", Rory put forward a sterling defence of the fact that "as mankind progresses to a higher level, an online hive-mind of pure love, peace and connectivity", Facebook takes us a step closer.

To mark such a momentous occasion, we felt it only right to set up our own Crave Podcast group on Facebook. If you're on Facebook, log in now and join in the fun -- you'll be able to see silly photos of the podcast team in action, pitch ideas for future trials on the discussion boards and leave messages of devotion on our wall.

If you're with Chris and are avidly using protection against the Facebook disease, but still want to let us know how great we are, you can email us at or call or Skype the podline on 020 8133 4763.

Check back on Friday when we'll have a brand new Crave Podcast for your audible delectation. -Kate Macefield