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The best back-to-school apps

Want your phone to stay smart this semester? Here's what you should keep installed to get you through.


Here's our roundup of the best apps to help you with schoolwork, coursework, study and, of course, actually getting up on time.

EasyBib (Android, iOS)

As anyone who's ever written an essay knows, bibliographies are a massive pain. So take the work out of keeping track of your references with EasyBib. It even lets you scan book barcodes to automatically pull title information.

Spotify (Android, iOS)

I can't recommend a Spotify subscription highly enough. Ad-free music streaming, offline availability and custom playlists will get you through even the most gruelling study sessions. Of course, if you can deal with occasional ads, the free version will serve you just as well.

Google Drive (Android, iOS) or Dropbox (Android, iOS)

You can't go past cloud storage if you're working online. Having full access to all your docs wherever there's an internet connection makes Drive and Dropbox invaluable. Better yet, you'll be able to use both for free.

Evernote (Android, iOS)

Google Docs is all well and good for scratching down stray thoughts, but Evernote remains the gold standard in keeping notes on your phone.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Android, iOS)

Have trouble waking up in the morning? Try a smart alarm for your phone. Personally, I like the sleep tracking . Sleep with your phone on your mattress. It'll analyse your sleep patterns and wake you up when you're sleeping lightest around your usual wake up call.

Duolingo (Android, iOS)

Taking a language course? Duolingo will help you brush up in between classes by turning whatever language you're learning into a game. The free app currently offers a ton of languages, including high school mainstays, French and Spanish. (Android, iOS)

Words mean things. It's important to know what they mean. This app packages Dictionary and Thesaurus together, meaning you'll never be at a loss