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Ted Cruz likes to twerk and eat hair in Bad Lip Reading video

The US presidential race gets more entertaining when Cruz's comments are translated via YouTube series Bad Lip Reading. His new campaign slogan: "I need a bogel for the glotch."

On Super Tuesday, US presidential candidate Ted Cruz won in his home state of Texas, as well as in Oklahoma and Alaska. With the latest installment of the hilarious YouTube series Bad Lip Reading, he may have endeared himself to a few more states.

The Bad Lip Reading series has one creative goal: to "put words into other people's mouths." In this Bad Lip Reading video, we see the Republican contender in a political commercial chatting with factory workers about garden gnomes, telling a small boy he's the devil, and informing a crowd that "if there's one thing our country doesn't need more of it's goose diarrhea."

Of course, since it's a political ad, his family is also in the spotlight, offering up tidbits about Cruz's personality.

When Bad Lip Treatment gets ahold of Ted Cruz's political campaign ad, it's comedy gold.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

"Ted's always kind of freaky," his wife Heidi Cruz says in her re-dubbed dialogue. "He eats hair, human hair. He's the first one to say, 'Let's go out and eat hair.'"

"It's wonderful now and again," Ted Cruz adds in the video, which was uploaded Tuesday. "Mmm hair."

In another tender moment, Cruz reads his children a delightful bedtime story about arson, where he lights cabins on fire then runs away.

The Bad Lip Reading video, as with all the videos in the series, really makes it appear as if everyone is saying exactly what it looks like they're saying. And Cruz's constant grinning and laughing just makes the dialogue even more on point.

The expert editing shows his wife rolling her eyes at just the right moment when Cruz reveals his love for twerking too.

Even his campaign slogans aren't safe from the Bad Lip Reading crew.

"I've been testing out some new campaign slogans that are a little less obvious," Cruz says in the commercial. "'I need a bogel for the glotch. Your face isn't my face. That old man just took your spork. I hate pervy records.'"

You can't really top those slogans this election. Thanks Bad Lip Reading.