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Tech year in review, haiku style

News.com staffers take a break from journalism, at least for a nanosecond, to write poems that summarize the year in technology.

The end of the year is a time of reflection. This week, News.com staffers took a break from journalism, at least for a nanosecond, to write poems that summarized the year in technology.

Some themes that were on their minds: plummeting stocks prices, layoffs and the dot-com shakeout. They tried haiku, limiting themselves to five syllables for the first line, seven syllables for the second line and five for the third line.

Should News.com staffers stick to their day jobs? You decide.

Regardless, happy new year.

1. Bull in stock market
Ended up looking more like
Bull in China shop

2. Markets bleeding red
Dot-coms plummeting like stones
Wendy's, here I come

3. Time's Man of the Year
Now he is swimming upstream
Good luck, Jeff Bezos

4. A balloon rises
Borne on billowing hot air.
Then Blodget shuts up.

5. Yahoo they all cried
As 2000 got its start
Now they say "boo hoo"

6. Dot-commers abandon
their double-latte lifestyle.
Return to thin joe.

7. Techie boom was bound
to end. Just hope the Luddites
don't smirk us to death.

8. Oyster blue dress shirts
"Rollout!" "Synergy!" "Turn-key!"
Wish I had a job

9. These year-end reports
Nostalgic and full of woe
Reprise: damn Nasdaq

10. Someone just shoot me
If I buy some more tech stock
In two thousand one