Taste Kid offers dead simple content recommendations via search

Taste Kid is a tool that lets you find new music, movies, TV shows, and book recommendations based on what you like.

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Josh Lowensohn
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Recommendation tools are a dime a dozen these days. That's not necessarily a bad thing though--the more exposure you get to new content, the greater your chances of finding a new favorite. To aid in that search is newcomer Taste Kid, a search tool that provides simple recommendations for music, books, TV shows, and movies.

The tool uses previous user searches to figure out how terms are related, which means as time goes by the results are honed, and hopefully more accurate. While each of these results is missing links to purchasing pages and audio samples, each one has a YouTube video that you can view right from the results.

What makes the site particularly useful are the unrelated items that get stuck on the bottom of each exploration page. The site tacks on the most recently added and popular bands, books, TV shows, and movies, which turns each result into its own browsing experience. In just a few minutes you can peruse about a dozen videos to find something you like--and if not, a simple click on something you do like takes you to another recommendation page to start the process over again.

Where the tool loses some of its luster is the lack of a breadcrumb trail to get you back to your original search, or any sense that it's getting to know you better. Mufin, a music recommendation tool I took a look at a few weeks back does this, and it makes it a far more engaging experience. Ideally future iterations of the tool will keep track of this with a cookie.

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