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T-Mobile Is Offering Unlimited Google Photos Storage

The unlimited option is back, but only for the carrier's customers.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Unlimited Google Photos storage is back, as long as you're a T-Mobile customer willing to spend $15 a month for the honor. The opportunity is "coming soon" exclusively to T-Mobile, as reported earlier Tuesday by The Verge. 

Customers will be able to store unlimited photos and videos in full resolution, as well as getting 2TB of storage for Gmail and Drive. T-Mobile's other Google storage plans cost $5 a month for 500GB of storage, and $10 a month for 2TB of storage.

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Google Photos started limiting free storage at 15GB in June of last year, and phased out its unlimited option. Now you can sign up for Google One, a subscription service that starts at $2 a month in the US for 100GB of storage.