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Swearjarr for Twitter: Turning $@#! into £££

Flamin' Nora, goshdarned Twitter is turning the Web blue -- but Swearjarr is here to turn curses to cash

Flamin' 'eck. It seems that Twitter swears like a flipping sailor on shore leave. But in the time-honoured blinkin' principle of the bloomin' swear jar, Swearjarr.com converts curse words into cash and turns profanity into charity.

Potty-mouthed tweeters turn the Web blue with an average of 430,000 goshdarn expletives per day, according to the folks at Swearjarr. Today has seen 104,752 swears, with more than a million obscenities since the site launched just two frickin' days ago on 1 June. Holy heck!

Swearjarr's swear police encourages these trash-talking tweeters to donate money to chuffin' charity for every $@#!, with the total currently standing at just over $2,000 (£1,360) for Stand Up To Cancer and Malaria No More. Enter your Twitter handle into the site to find out how smutty your tweets are.

Those numbers are almost certainly an overstatement of the actual amount of tainted tweets, as the site flags entirely innocent words such as 'cocktail' and GameSpot editor Guy Cocker's username -- although combine those two and the results could make a navvy blush.

A leaderboard of foul-mouthed famous folk is topped by New Jersey's sweariest filmmaker, Kevin Smith, with a strong British showing from -- who else -- short-fused short-order cook Gordon Ramsay. Cheese and rice!

Right, we're off to wash our blimmin' mouths out, motherfunsters.