Super Mario Run races across social media

Social Cues: Also trending on social media are John Lennon and Bluetooth 5.

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The reviews are out for Super Mario Run, and they're on the move across social media.

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Run, don't walk, to your nearest social media source to find out what people think of the much-hyped Super Mario Run.

Interest in Nintendo's new mobile game is growing on Facebook and Twitter as Super Mario Run's December 15 release date rapidly approaches.

Users on social media also mourned John Lennon's death 36 years ago and turned Linda McMahon's new Trump administration gig into a meme fest.

Social Cues is our guide to what's trending across social media. Here's what people are talking about on Facebook and Twitter this Thursday:

Super Mario Run: The world got a preview of Super Mario Run just a week before Nintendo's mobile game is released. The $9.99 game is set to debut exclusively on Apple's iOS on December 15, with an Android version coming in 2017. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime showed off the game on "The Tonight Show" on Wednesday and noted that you can play a demo at any Apple Store starting Thursday. CNET staff got to try out the game too, and you can check out what we learned. (It's awesome.) The game was trending on Facebook as the hype train chugs along for the game's release.

John Lennon: Twitter mourns on the 36th anniversary of John Lennon's murder. Fans are remembering the Beatles member, shot to death outside The Dakota in New York City, for his long-lasting impact on music and culture. People are posting photos of Lennon's memorial in Central Park, newspapers from the day he was killed and his lyrics. This is believed to be the last known photo of Lennon before his death.

Bluetooth: On Wednesday, the consortium behind the wireless technology announced that Bluetooth 5 is available. The update means four times the range and double the speed for connections, and you can expect it to start showing up in devices in the coming months. Bluetooth was trending on Facebook with 1 million people talking about the potential the upgrade promises, like more powerful smart homes and even more internet-connected devices.

Linda McMahon: The co-founder of World Wrestling Entertainment is the latest addition to Donald Trump's cabinet, as the president-elect appointed her to become director of the Small Business Administration. Given her history with the WWE, the memes poured in. Tweets included the Wrestlemania X7 moment when she kicked Vince McMahon in the crotch in front of their son. (It's a long story.) She's still trending on Facebook, so, thankfully there's some mileage for these memes.

Greg Lake: The death of the King Crimson guitarist was announced Thursday. Fans mourned the rock pioneer on Twitter, paying respect to the band's most popular song, "I Believe in Father Christmas." With his death so close to the holiday, people are posting the track on Twitter in tribute to the British musician. More than 17,500 people are discussing Lake's death on the social network.