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Streetread organizes ticker symbols and business news in one place

Track financial news throughout the day using Streetread.

Start your day out every morning by reading your favorite financial feeds? You might like Streetread, a relatively simple feed aggregator that pulls in stories from major financial publications. It also grabs live quotes from your favorite ticker symbols.

While you could accomplish a similar feat with services like Alltop, Original Signal, and Netvibes, Streetread's claim to fame is that it's constantly updating and will keep the page alive and scolling downwards as new stories pop up. You can preview each headline before you click, or just click it without getting lost--it'll simply jump you off site while retaining a link on the top of the page to hop back to Streetread.

I found the browsing experience on Streetread to be enjoyable, albeit less productive than subscribing to these feeds via Google Reader or any other feed grabber. The idea of a scrolling page of links lends itself very well to something like the iPhone, so I'd be interested to see this ported over as a native application that could put all of this information together into tabs or sections of the screen that could be accessed with finger swipes.

Read your favorite financial stories as they happen and keep track of stocks with Streetread. CNET Networks