Strange humanoid creature caught on film: Chupacabra or hoax?

Hide your goats! A crummy video purports to show a mysterious creature that could be a livestock-munching chupacabra.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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This is not a chupacabra.

Video screenshot/red circle by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I love a good cryptozoology sighting. I chuckle when alien enthusiasts spot a Sasquatch skull in a rock on Mars. I rubberneck as Bigfoot hunters claim to have killed the mythical hairy beast after luring it out of hiding with Walmart pork ribs. What delicious fantasies these are!

So when I hear about a video of a "strange creature" roaming across a desert, I'm there with bells on.

The latest critter caught on camera doesn't fit the lumbering hairy description of a Bigfoot, but it does fit the admittedly vague description of the fictional chupacabra, a goat-sucking monster with a reputation for vampiring the blood out of livestock. It's humanoid, but it has unnaturally long arms and legs and walks with a stooped-over head.

There are multiple copies of the video floating around YouTube, but its origin is unclear. As with all videos of this ilk, the footage is woefully bad in quality. It's pixelated and fuzzy, like video technology hasn't advanced in decades. The beastie disappears behind a tree. Where are people finding these horrible cameras? At the dollar store?

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Supposedly, this amusing trinket was filmed in Portugal, but we can't even be sure of that. We can be sure that there is no chupacabra roaming across a desert landscape looking for goats to suck on. It's most likely just a funky CGI exercise, or perhaps someone in a costume.

This isn't the only alleged crypto-creature making the rounds this week. The UK's Daily Mail breathlessly reported on a dog wearing a GoPro camera stumbling across a Bigfoot-like beast in the Oregon forest. To me, the humanoid looks like a hiker wearing a dark hoodie. The dog certainly didn't seem concerned.

The last time such an entertaining video surfaced (OMG! It's a Yeti!), it turned out to be a publicity stunt for a company that makes sunglasses. I'm not sure what the chupacabra might be selling. Goat cheese, perhaps?

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