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Storage newcomer ADrive offering up 50GB for free

Store up to 50GB on ADrive, a new Web storage provider.

I'm big on places to store a lot of files, and Web storage newcomer ADrive seems up to the challenge. The host serves up a whopping 50GB of storage for free, with the only bandwidth limitations being in the size of the files you can upload, which are capped at a reasonable 2GB. The free "beta" accounts are supplemented with ads (hence the AD in the name), which show up on the top and bottom of your file explorer.

While lacking some of the graphical beauty and familiarity of other file-hosting services like and DigitalBucket, ADrive lets you arrange whatever you'd uploaded into nested directories to help maintain organization. It also doesn't require any special software to upload or download your files.

The one major downfall I came across is the Java-powered file uploader, which uses a pop-up status indicator to let you know what's going on with your transfers. The problem is that it takes control of whatever else you're doing in that browser window. This means uploading large files should be done in another instance of your browser just in case you feel like regaining control of whatever tabs you had open.

Regardless, I found the performance on file transfer to be phenomenal. Given our speed here at CNET HQ in San Francisco is faster than what most people have at home, the uploader will take as much bandwidth as you can give it--which should come in handy if you've got Verizon FiOS or live in Sweden.

[via Cybernet News]

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