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Square's Cash app update lets users send money by text

The card reader company revamps its digital payment app to let users send cash with a text or email.

Map of Square Cash payments from a 24 hour period in August 2014. Square

Square has been working on making its money sending Cash app more user friendly. And, along these lines, the card reader company announced an update for the app on Tuesday, which lets users send money by text or email.

Cash is a free app that's centered on letting users make peer-to-peer payments digitally. Tuesday's update not only lets people send cash via text or email -- even when the recipient doesn't have the app -- it also lets users put notes on payments and import their address books.

Cash debuted last November and in less than a year, the company says people have used the app to send and receive "hundreds of millions of dollars." More than 25 percent of all Cash transactions are sent across city and state lines, Square says.

"People use the free Cash app to pay for group vacations, dinner bills and even to send funds for back to school supplies, meal plans and textbooks," Square wrote in a blog post. "Cash also enables anyone to request money, even from up to 25 people at once, streamlining payment collection for sports teams, parties, and events by helping groups easily manage their money.