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Square unveils 'Business in a Box'

The online-payment company's Business in a Box bundle has everything needed to get up and running with Square Register. iPad not included.

Square's Business in a Box bundle is aimed at helping small businesses quickly get up and running with Square Register.

Square today unveiled its "Business in a Box" package, a bundle including all the components needed for a small business to start taking payments on the company's Square Register platform.

With Square Register, almost any business can accept payments wirelessly from customers' mobile devices. The system lets businesses use an iPad instead of a cash register, and gives them an accompanying set of analytics tools, while customers download the app, sign up, register a credit card, and then pay automatically at any of the hundreds of thousands of merchants running Square Register.

All of the elements of Square's Business in a Box bundle, shown as they would be in a small-business environment. Square

The new bundle includes two Square Readers, a cash drawer, an iPad stand, and an optional receipt printer. The idea is that with those components -- as well as an iPad, which the business will have to acquire on its own -- just about any business can quickly get up and running using the payments platform.

The bundle with the receipt printer sells for $600, and it goes for $300 without.