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Spotify says it's got a 'special announcement' on tap

The music-streaming company has reserved a venue and a date -- April 18 in New York City. Let the speculation commence.

The marketing mavens at Spotify aren't getting much rest. A couple of days after announcing a play button that lets Web site owners integrate songs, albums, or playlists into their sites, Spotify has sent out invitations to a press briefing in New York on April 18.

Could it be a new way to include app and playlist recommendations or something else. Couldn't be the Red Hot Chile Peppers making their entire catalog available. That news is already out. Let us know what you're hearing out there. In the meantime, let the speculation commence.

Separately, check out this tidbit in a Swedish business daily (thankfully translated by The Wall Street Journal) where Spotify CEO Daniel Ek offers up some hopeful sales projections for the current year.