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SplashCast: Share everything in one place

Tired of using multiple embedded players? SplashCast is the answer.

SplashCast, launched today at Demo 07, is a free service that allows users to combine all sorts of media into one master playlist. That playlist can then be embedded on Web sites and blogs or sent directly to friends and family with a simple URL. It's basically the online equivalent of a mix tape. It's similar to YouTube's playlist maker, but with SplashCast, you can also throw pictures, text, and audio into the mix.

CNET Networks

What's really cool about SplashCast is that your already-shared media doesn't need to be uploaded again. Pulling videos or pictures from hosting sites such as YouTube, Revver, or Flickr requires no upload--you simply link your content, and SplashCast will get it for you. SplashCast can pull pictures from Flickr with just a username. You can also give it the tags, and it will pull out specific pictures.

SplashCast offers some advanced functionality for power users. You can choose slide show transition speeds, set the size of the embedded player, and even record your own voiceovers on top of the media. You can also add RSS feeds to any of your three channels, which will pull media from the source without you having to manually add it.

SplashCast is a really cool media-sharing tool. It requires no software, and the interface and its simplicity make it easy to add various types of content for sharing. When faced with a page of multiple embedded players for music, video, and pictures (I'm looking at you, MySpace), SplashCast provides a much smaller footprint for valuable screen real estate.