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SplashCast launches MyPodcastNetwork

Use iTunes to grab your favorite podcasts? Check out SplashCast's new MyPodcastNetwork feature. You'll be able to pull in a bunch of your favorite feeds, and add other media like video, text, and pictures too.

This morning, SplashCast, the media syndication service, is launching MyPodcastNetwork, a new feature that lets users create a single player to aggregate and play audio and video content via RSS feeds. If you're a podcast listener, you might already be using an aggregation service such as iTunes or Odeo to pull in your favorite shows. What's neat about doing this on SplashCast is that you can mix it in with other audio, video, and pictures in one big mashup, then share your creation with others by embedding it on blogs or social networking profiles.

To find podcast or show feeds, SplashCast is also launching a new directory with about 200 programs. If your favorite show isn't on there, you can add its RSS feed, and it will automatically be added to the general directory for others to pick up and subscribe to. I've embedded a player below, with a smattering of podcasts from CNET's podcasting network.

This is really neat, but I probably won't be using it. One of the reasons I use iTunes to subscribe to podcasts is so I can take them with me for listening on the go. However, for people who like to listen to podcasts on their computers, this is a nice way of saving some hard drive space and avoiding the need to install a jukebox application, or visit various sites to listen to, or watch their favorite shows.