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SpinVox adds voice-to-text support for microblogging services

Talk to your blog and social networking friends via text using SpinVox's voice-to-text services.

One of the more interesting voice-to-text companies out there is SpinVox, which has been kicking around for the last four years. This week they've added a really cool new feature that adds voice-to-text support for some popular "microblogging" networks like Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, as well as status update and wall support for Facebook. Once you've registered your logins with the service, you can call a single telephone number and post to all of them at once, or pick which ones you want your message to go to.

The service is aimed at people who don't want to spend time typing out messages on their mobile handset or spend money on an SMS message. It's also worth noting this is one of the easier ways to use Pownce from your phone, short of going through its unofficial iPhone application.

What interests me more than this is Spinvox's blogging component called Spin-my-Blog. Like the social networking integration, you can set up your personal blog to work with the voice-to-text service. Calling your special number and leaving a message will automatically convert to a written blog post that will auto-publish to your blog. Blog owners can also publish their special number to their blog page, letting their users create their own posts. I asked if the company was working on a system similar to this to handle user comments on blog posts, and the answer is that it's "in development."