Sony still believes in USB drives for music, movies

Using flash drives to deliver films and songs is an idea that hasn't grabbed the public's attention, but Sony continues to soldier on.

Greg Sandoval Former Staff writer
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Greg Sandoval

The big entertainment companies refuse to give up on USB drives for media delivery. Sony announced on Monday that it was loading movies and albums on flash drives.

Michael Jackson fans can obtain the 25th Anniversary edition of the album Thriller for $19.99 or the feature films The Da Vinci Code or Men in Black for $29.99 each.

I can understand trying to sell flash drives for digital movies. Downloading big movie files can still take hours depending on the speed of the Internet connection. I'm not quite sure why anyone would pay $30 for catalog titles just because they're on a USB drive. Sony's press release doesn't say whether there are any added features.

As for offering music on flash drives, well, it's been tried and the public yawned. It's just too easy to download music from iTunes or other music stores and store them on digital music players. If you absolutely require a physical media-delivery system why not just buy a CD?

But Sony Music has struggled lately. For more on that read this story.