Sony reportedly in talks to acquire Crunchyroll anime streaming service

Sony could pay AT&T nearly $1 billion for the streaming service, reports Nikkei.

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Clifford Colby

Sony, maker of Demon Slayer, is reportedly in talks to acquire the Crunchyroll anime streaming service.


Sony is reportedly in talks to purchase US anime-streaming service Crunchyroll from AT&T . The possible acquisition, reported by Nikkei on Friday, could cost Sony $957 million and bring the tech giant into closer competition with Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services.

Sony produces its own anime, including Demon Slayer, but has reportedly been licensing it to streaming services. The acquisition would give Sony access to Crunchyroll's 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes, according to the Nikkei report.

Crunchyroll said this summer that it has 3 million paid subscribers globally and more than 70 million registered users. Founded in 2006 and based in San Francisco, the company has been part of AT&T's WarnerMedia since 2018.

Sony declined to comment. AT&T didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.