Social Poster: Mass publishing for bookmarking services

Publish a link to 34 different social networking sites with Social Poster.

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Josh Lowensohn
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Social bookmarking can be a tiring ordeal. Submitting links to services one at a time might be a little overwhelming if you're using more than two or three at a time. What if there was a way to post that link to 34 services from one place? Wonder no more--Social Poster gives you a relatively quick way to accomplish that.

Social Poster provides users with a bookmarklet they can click from any site that will grab the link, title, description, and any tags it finds. Users can put a check by any services they want to post to, which will create a listing of customized links that users can click to go straight to the submission form for each site. Alternately, if you're logged in to one of these sites already, you can click the "post" button which will post the link instantly on several of the services. Assuming you're registered with the site, you might save a click or two.

Ideally I'd like to see a service like this store your logins and do the submitting without having to jump you off to the parent site. My real question is how valuable this is going to be for most people. The real hardcore bookmarkers out there probably already have a bookmarklet or two, and nearly all sites these days already have submission links built right into their stories, like we do below. Incidentally, the service also provides one of these links that can be integrated into sites, allowing users to automatically jump to the service to submit on the site of their choosing. I've embedded an example button below.

social poster

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Users can pick from 34 different social bookmarking services to share a link from. Social Poster will grab all the important information such as the URL, title, and text, too. CNET Networks