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Snapchat adds a meditation feature with the Headspace mini app

Three other Snap Mini apps -- which are apps within the Snapchat app -- are also available.

Snapchat adds four mini apps. 
Angela Lang/CNET

Snapchat wants to make it a little easier for you to relax with its Headspace mini app. The mini app, which is an app within the Snapchat app, launched on Monday alongside three others including group decision-making app Let's Do It, future-telling app Prediction Master and study app Flashcards.

The Headspace mini offers a quick meditation session that you do on your own or with a friend. You can choose from six different meditations ranging in length from three to four minutes. The mini app is available by tapping the rocket icon in chat or by searching the app name.

Headspace gives you the option to see how your friends are feeling. Swiping up on the app reveals a "Check in with friends" button that puts a "vibe check" sticker on your snap. You can also add a variety of Headspace stickers and animations to your snaps by tapping "Snap how you feel."

The company said it was working on Snap Minis, apps created with Snapchat by third-party developers, in June during its partner summit. Snapchat noted that other mini apps are on the way including festival planning app Coachella, movie ticket purchasing app Atom and class schedule sharing app Saturn. 

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