Sling TV shoots to 2.2 million subscribers, making it king of the streams

Parent company Dish claims 47 percent growth during 2017.

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Sling TV remains the king of streams, according to new subscriber data released by parent company Dish Network .

In a newly released quarterly earnings report, the company reported 2.2 million Sling TV subscribers at the end of 2017, which it says represents 47 percent year over year growth for the service. This is the first time Dish has broken out Sling TV subscribers from its Dish TV subscribers. In an email touting the news, the company said Sling TV was the "#1 live and on-demand internet streaming service." 

It's a benchmark some thought the service had already reached. Earlier in 2017, tracking company comScore estimated that Sling TV had already reached 2 million subscribers by June. 

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