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Skype To Go provides cheap calls from any phone

The To Go service of eBay's Internet telephony unit lets users make international calls at the same rate as from a PC. Commodity calls are at your service.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
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Dave Rosenberg
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eBay's Skype Internet telephony service remains a hugely popular, highly efficient way to communicate with colleagues and family all over the world at a free or very low cost per call.

Skype To Go for cheap calls
Skype To Go for cheap calls Skype

With the addition of a new feature allowing your Skype To Go number to be used to make outbound calls from any landline or mobile phone, it just got a lot easier and cheaper to dial internationally. This service also ratchets up Skype's ability to better monetize a massive but largely unpaid user base:

A Skype To Go number lets you make superlow-cost international calls from mobiles and landlines. When you're on the move, dial the Skype To Go number from any phone to reach your friends, family, or business partners abroad. Skype To Go numbers are local numbers, so if they're included in your phone's calling plan, you'll pay only the low Skype rates for the calls you make.

Once you get a Skype To Go number, you call it instead of dialing the international number directly. You can set up speed dial or just follow the prompts to call a number. Your Skype To Go number charges you the same low rate as it would if you had used Skype on your computer to call the international number.

According to Download Squad, Skype To Go used to require a Skype Pro plan (which is probably why I never used it.) Now it's available to all users with a Skype account, and a bit of Skype Credit or a subscription.

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