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Sky Hub lets you install fast fibre without an engineer visit

The new Sky Hub lets you switch to Sky Fibre Broadband yourself without requiring an engineer to pay you a visit.

There's nothing worse than taking a day off to wait in for an engineer who's promised to stop by sometime between 7AM and a week on Tuesday, so give thanks for the new Sky Hub that lets you switch to Sky Fibre Broadband yourself.

The new Sky Hub has all the gubbins required for Sky Fibre, so if you decide you want to switch up from regular ol' broadband to faster fibre, you can do it all in the Hub without requiring an engineer to come to your home or office and set it up.

And Sky reckons that connecting your Sky+HD box, laptop, smart phone or tablet to your Wi-Fi is dead easy, all done at a press of the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button -- the only button on the Hub apart from a reset button.

Costing £69 to present customers, the Sky Hub is free for all new Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited customers. It boasts an ADSL2+ / VDSL port and four 10/100 Ethernet ports. Packing two MIMO antennas, the new Hub hits a maximum 144Mbps data transmission rate.

Like previous Sky Broadband boxes, the new Hub claims Sky Smart Signal technology constantly scans for potential interference, and automatically selects the wireless channel that should give you the most reliable connection.

The Hub also switches itself to low power mode when it detects you're not using it.

BT Home Hub 5

In other exciting router news, BT is dispatching the new Home Hub 5 to customers, which combines the two boxes previously required for BT Infinity into one VDSL router, complete with next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Gigabit Ethernet socket.

Sky+ app now orders downloads to your box

In more Sky news, the Sky+ app for Apple and Android can now order an On Demand show downloaded to your Sky+HD box no matter where you are. You can browse Sky's Showcase, Catch Up TV, TV Box Sets or Sky Movies sections on your phone or tablet and press Download to set your chosen film or TV show winging its way to your Sky+HD box straight away, so it's waiting for you when you get home.

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