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Sky Android apps back on Google Play following hack

Sky's apps are back in town, having been pulled following a nasty hack attack aimed at the broadcaster.

Sky's Android apps have returned to the Google Play store, following a hack that saw its entire suite of apps taken offline.

All Sky's apps are back now, from the Sky Go on-demand app to the Sky News service, Slashgear observed.

Several days ago the broadcaster was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, which replaced the logo of each Sky app with its own logo, then took to Sky's Twitter account to advise customers to uninstall their apps.

Although this tweet wasn't sent from Sky, and the broadcaster later stated that there was no need to remove the apps from phones, all the apps were pulled from Google Play.

They've remained unavailable for the last few days, but are now back. There's no reference made to the hack in the app description. Sky Go, Sky+, Sky WiFi, Sky News, Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports News were all absent from Google's virtual shop following the hack.

In recent weeks the Syrian Electronic Army has also targeted the Financial Times' website, as well as the paper's Twitter account. The Guardian's Twitter page has also been attacked.

As well as taking flack from hacker organisations, Sky's Android apps have riled customers, who are unhappy with the limited number of phones that support the company's Sky Go on-demand app.

Are you pleased with Sky's apps, or should the broadcaster be doing more? Do you feel sorry for Sky that it got hacked, or should it have had tighter security in place? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.