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Siphs makes sharing content easier for publishers and users

Share and track content with Siphs.

We're big fans of the ShareThis button here at Webware. It's tiny and speedy when it comes to bookmarking or passing along interesting content you find on the Web to others. However, one thing it doesn't offer is a way to skin it to match your site. Enter Siphs, an unfortunately named, but useful tool for blog or site owners to help their users share and bookmark content while keeping tabs on what's getting the most play.

Siphs does everything ShareThis does including the option to brand the sharing page to match your blog or Web site. As well as a metrics service to let you track which services users are clicking, and see detailed numbers of shares for each. Compared with ShareThis, it's not nearly as seamless, since it jumps users to an offsite page full of sharing links, but it still manages to get the job done effectively.

Track what services people are using to share your content with Siphs. Siphs, LLC

Siphs has four levels of service, a free personal version, and three paid iterations that run off an annual subscription and offer template customization, click statistics, and an increased volume in the number of e-mails your users can send to share your content. The premium service also offers site owners leads on who's clicking the links in the e-mails in case you feel like wooing them over to your site with the integrated address book.

I've embedded the Siphs button (without branding) below. Feel free to try it out.

Update: This post has been amended to fix the erroneous statement that ShareThis doesn't offer metrics tracking or branding options (which it does).