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Show different faces to different people online:

An enterprise version of Moli's social platform allows one account to control how different people see you.

Not everyone should let their co-workers see their full online social profile, as this guy would likely attest., which already has a solution for individuals who want to control who sees their profile, is now expanding its service as a platform for enterprise users.

A single account can have public (anyone can see), private (it can be searched for, but not accessed), and hidden (only those with permission from the account holder can see it exists) versions. The aim is to increase privacy.

Moli offers white label, private label, and co-branded versions for businesses.

Companies that purchase the service can add, for $3.95 per month, an online store with a catalog of their products, using video, audio, text, a shopping cart, and online payment.

Moli also offers detailed information about who is viewing each store and profile by gender, average age, and geographic location, so businesses can better target customers and offer more detailed data to advertisers.