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Shoeboxed and Price Protectr partner to save you cash

Save money on stuff you bought using a service that both scans your receipts and now alerts you to price drops after the fact.

Shoeboxed and Price Protectr, two sites we've written about in the past, joined forces on Monday in a partnership that's downright helpful to deal hunters. Any receipts sent in to the receipt scanning service will be parsed over for product names, then sent over to Price Protectr. If something you bought goes down in price within the return or exchange date, you'll be notified--potentially saving you some cash. That is as long as you've manually entered that item into Price Protectr.

Since Shoeboxed keeps copies of all your receipts, you can simply print out a copy from your browser to take into the store in case you've lost the original.

As part of the partnership, users of Price Protectr will get free one-month subscriptions to Shoeboxed's classic tier of service, which usually runs at $19.95 a month. After that, they'll have to keep paying that rate or bump up to the $60 a month professional plan. but considering all your purchases are being price checked for things like rebates and drops, it's an extra value add for small businesses buried in paperwork.

Update: I've been told by Dan Englander,'s VP of Communications, that the process of cross checking purchases with Price Protectr is not automatic, but that it's "something we may consider for the future." In the meantime, it's little more than a promotion to get users hooked on Shoeboxed's services. Users will still have to do the heavy lifting by going to Price Protectr's site and dropping in the product URL to track price drops.