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Shazam moves to Android, works with Amazon MP3 Store

Music discovery provider moves to the Android platform and can work with both Amazon and MySpace. Will it enjoy the same popularity there that it already has on the iPhone?

Shazam, the mobile music discovery provider made popular on the iPhone, announced Tuesday the launch of its mobile application for the Android platform.

Android users will be able to "discover" a song and connect to Amazon's MP3 store to buy it or network with the artist through MySpace.

Shazam is one of the most popular applications in Apple's App Store. After downloading Shazam onto the iPhone, people can hold their device toward an unknown song while the application is running. In just a few seconds, the Shazam technology will recognize the song and provide information about the track, artist, and album. On the iPhone, people can download the songs on iTunes. But considering that Android-based phones won't run Apple's platform, Shazam opted for Amazon's MP3 store instead.

MySpace will also be an integral component in the experience created by Shazam on the Android platform. According to the company, people can connect to their MySpace page in the application and "friend" the artist they just discovered, as long as they have a profile on the social network.

"Shazam aims to help users to create and share unique music moments and long-lasting experiences, and the Android application combined with our link to the Amazon MP3 store and MySpace enables us to deliver on this vision," said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam.

So far, Shazam has been quite successful doing just that. According to its internal figures, its iPhone app has been downloaded by 1.5 million users since its release.