Set your Home and Work addresses in Google Now, Maps

Want your phone to notify you how long it will take to get home when you're at work? You may need to adjust a setting or two.

Nicole Cozma
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Nicole Cozma

Google Now is great at helping you keep track of everything from calendar events to TV shows. However, if you want the service to provide you with travel time estimates to and from home and work, then you'll need to set those addresses in the Google Now or Maps apps. Here's how:

Google Now

Step 1: Open Google Now, then slide out the menu on the left and select Customize.

Step 2: Tap Home or Work and enter the respective address and you're set.

Google Maps

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    Step 1: Open the slide-out menu on the left in Google Maps and select Your places.

    Step 2: Tap on Home or Work and fill in the address.

    Step 3: After adding the address, you can tap the location, then choose an icon to represent it on the map. This will help you see the relative distance from your home or work to places you look up.

    You can use both address settings for other locations, like school or gym, or whatever is most useful to you. Finally, having these addresses saved will make typing getting directions on Google Maps easier. Just type Home or Work and the address will be autocompleted.