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Service has brains for smart phones

Geoworks will package content for the next generation of digital cellular phones.

Like a number of high-tech firms before it, Geoworks, a developer of operating system software for personal digital assistants, has announced that it will form a new division to package content for the next generation of digital cellular phones.

The Wireless Content and Services division will develop technology that so-called "smart" phones need to deliver information to customers. Also, Geoworks will be partnering with content providers and working on ways to package news, directory, electronic commerce, and other services using the GEOS platform. Jonathan Kaplan, one of the company's operating officers, has been tapped to head the new division as vice president and publisher.

Smart phones are set to become the next hot item in personal communications devices because of their ability to integrate voice and data transmission capabilities such as email, faxing, and Internet access. In anticipation of a market that may grow even faster than the personal computer market, Geoworks has already partnered with manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, and Hewlett-Packard in an effort to become the main provider of the operating systems that control the smart phones.

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