Send around video-annotated sites with Bubble Comment

The new service lets you send your buddies URLs with a twist--a video comment twist that is.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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If you've been a longtime Webware reader you might remember a service called Bubble Guru I checked out back in late 2007. It let you create small video pop-ups you could stick on your site to say hi to users, or simply to serve as a more attention-grabbing sticky note. Just launched Bubble Comment is a very similar service, and in fact it's from the same folks. The big difference is that it's completely free, albeit with some limitations.

One of those limitations, for example, is that you can't simply embed Bubble Comment bubbles on any old page or post--you have to specify which page you're linking your friend to, and Bubble Comment will get the recipient, and your video message to the page page with a re-direct. In other words it's not for publishers, but for people to send links to their buddies. Every message expires after 30 days or 25 views--whichever comes first.

If you're looking to send someone a one-off link with a video comment attached it's very cool and completely free. In comparison, parent company kShermanStudios LLC's Bubble Guru requires buying into one of three tiers of service that charges you for how many total messages you want floating around, but offers much more value to blog owners who want to grab your attention in an unusual manner. You just can't help but watch these things, even if the content is lame.

Other products in the bubble family include Bubble Testimonial, which lets you stick video bubbles of consumer testimonials on your product or service pages, along with Bubble Joy, which is a video e-card service.

Stick your ugly mug on pages you send to friends with Bubble Comment. CNET Networks