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Seenly copies Photo Booth well

Have a Webcam but no Mac? Jealous of the Photo Booth app? Check out Seenly.

When Apple started putting iSight cameras on the top of its iMac desktops and portable notebooks, one of the fun apps that came along was Photo Booth. This tiny program emulates the experience of good old-fashioned photo booths, the kind you run into in malls and amusement parks. Seenly, which launched yesterday, is a fun service that does nearly everything Apple's Photo Booth does, except it runs in your browser, and as a result works on PCs too.

There are 10 presets to play with, from a simple mirroring mode to a timed nine-exposure shot that will snap nine separate pictures of you in the course of a few seconds. Your shots reside in a little queue at the bottom of the screen, where you can save them straight to your hard drive, or grab the links to share with others.

Seenly also has a Facebook application. Once installed, it performs just like the full version, although your shots can be posted to your profile or sent to friends. Your friends can paste their own pictures to your Seenly Snaps box, which contains the last three shots that have been taken. If you want to post more, you can bump the limit up to nine.

As good as Seenly is, it's missing two of the cooler features you get with Photo Booth. The first is the neat screen flash, which flushes the LCD with white to emulate a typical camera flash. The other is the group of warping effects that I think are the most fun of the bunch. Hopefully Seenly can add these in later down the line.

[via DownloadSquad]

Scare yourself and others with Seenly's photo booth. CNET Networks