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Search Google images on your cell phone

Google's mobile team opens up image search results for almost any phone. Previously, the pictorial results of a Google search was limited to iPhone and Android.

Google Mobile image search on iPhone
Google image search is no longer restricted to iPhone and Android phones. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Last March, Google's mobile team made it possible to search for images on your iPhone and Android phone. On Thursday, they rolled out image search for feature phones; that is, for pretty much any cell phone make and model with a Web browser.

Image search will work roughly the same way it does through a desktop browser. Starting from in the mobile browser, click "Images" in the top navigation, then fill in your search term. Google will return thumbnail images in the results page; between eight and fourteen, Google wrote in a blog post.

Click on one of these pictorial results to see a larger thumbnail image. Below, there's a link to view the photo in its original Web page and another one that takes you to the full-size image. You're also able to navigate "left" and "right" arrows to view other image results.

As with all Internet-dependent mobile apps, the slower your data or Wi-Fi connection is, the slower these images will be to load.