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As blogging takes its place in the classroom alongside the three Rs, adult Web surfers have the chance to relive the wonder years.

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Edward Moyer
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As blogging enters the classroom and takes its place alongside reading, writing and 'rithmetic, adult Web surfers have the chance to relive the trials and tribulations of the wonder years.

Students in Clarence Fisher's combined seventh- and eighth-grade class at Joseph H. Kerr School in Snow Lake, Manitoba, and in Hillary Meeler's fifth grade class at J.H. House Elementary in the Atlanta suburb of Conyers serve up entries that can amuse, charm and captivate with their simplicity and candidness. The best of them approach literature, with real-life voices reminiscent of the fictional creations of Lynda Barry and Sandra Cisneros. Here are some excerpts.


From an untitled blog by E.H.

In Social Studies we are learning about the first people. Homo habilis were the very first people. They were really dense and hairy. We watched a video on them, and they are like giant monkeys, just smarter. They were pretty much defenseless and could be caught and killed by a lot of animals. They were vegetarians and scavengers. Homo erectus came after the Homo habilis. They were a little bit smarter. They were still pretty hairy but not as hairy as Homo habilis. They began as vegetarians but began to eat meat. They also were an easy target for other animals to kill and eat. Homo sapiens were last. They are like Neanderthals and modern people and things like that. They are much more... updated? (I know people can't be updated, but I can't think of a better word for it.)


"When I Grow Up"
From "i am canadian," by G.W.

When I grow up, I'd like to be in the National Hockey League. You can make a lot of money playing in the NHL. Millions and millions of dollars. If I never become good enough to go in the NHL, I would like to be a lawyer because you can also make a lot of money doing that too, but if worse comes to worst, I'm going to be a bartender.


"Mrs. Gogal: The Best Teacher's Aid EVER!!"
From "~The Blog of Chips!~" by A.W.

Hey! You know how I said some of our class was misbehaving and others weren't? Well, I specifically meant that the Grade Sevens were behaving. So, since our math T.A., Mrs. Gogal, knew that the Grade Sevens were behaving, she brought us in a bag FILLED with mini chocolate bars!! It was great!! I guess good people DO get rewarded!!


"Moose Hunting"
From "Tanna Masta," by T.L.

Yesterday my dad shot a moose on the last day of hunting. He shot it between seven and eight in the morning. The horns are 35 inches from the one side to the other, and it has 14 points--eight points on one side and six on the other side. Toni was calling it and when it came my dad said it is now or never. The moose looked at my dad for a minute then turned his head and my dad shot him right behind the ears. The bullet broke his neck. When it fell, the moose kicked his back legs two times and then it kicked them another three times. The moose had walked all the way from Rickards Lake. They could hear it grunting every once in a while.


"Home Ec."
From "i am canadian," by G.W.

Today in Home Ec. we started to learn how to iron clothes. Me being a guy and all, I thought it was pretty weird. And I think this is bad; I can't imagine having to sew. I learned a lot about ironing, and here are some tips: There are different temperatures that you use for different types of materials. If you want to check if the iron is hot, you don't stick your hand on it, you flick water at it instead (this is an important one). And you shouldn't start with your sleeves or collar, but the body of it (if you know what I mean). And if you know anything about ironing that I haven't told you about, please tell me because it would really help me out. Thanks, Bye.


"My Sister's Sweet 15"
From "Graciela's Buzzin' Weblog," by Graciela

On April 20, 2002, was my sister's Sweet 15. We were all very excited. We invited many people, our cousins and friends. Even people we did not know.

The first place we went to was our church, St. Pius X Catholic Church. Many people did not go, but the room was still very full. My sister looked very pretty, like a princess. Her dress was sparkling from the sun shining through the huge windows. By the way, her dress was also puffy from the bottom and a very beautiful color of baby blue. When the priest was finished, we all walked out of the huge room. Then we all gave her a BIG hug. It took a while though.

When we went to the reception, the inside was so big and decorated. Of course my sister got her own table with blue flowers. There was also a lot of food, but I did not eat any--it looked really gross. But I did have fun though. When everybody was finished eating, it was time for the big dance. Everybody was screaming and clapping. Others were taking pictures and recording everything.

After the dance it was time for the cake. It was delicious. It was so gorgeous. On the bottom of it was a little fountain, with shining blue water on it. I sometimes imagine if my Sweet 15 would be that pretty. When everybody left, my sister put her beautiful presents inside the truck. She still has all the presents. Also her crown and dress. I can't wait until I might have my Sweet 15.

Do you imagine how it was?