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Run your own election at Plurk

Make your own electorate and maybe win a chunk of $5,000 at Plurk, the snazzier alternative to Twitter.

Plurk, the snazzier alternative to Twitter, has come up with a twist just in time for Wednesday night's final presidential debate: run your own "election" and maybe win a chunk of $5,000.

No working about chads, voter fraud, messy policy statements, U.S. citizenship, or nuts at rallies--just start your own plurk election and convince/cojole/con other Plurk members (or your friends willing to join)--to vote for Barack Obama or John McCain at your election. The Plurker whose election gets the most votes walks away with a $2,000, second place gets you $1,000, and so on.

Plurk's big claim to fame in the micro-blogging world is its great user Web interface, especially its timeline and conversation threading. Given the intense interest in this election, it's a smart idea and an interesting twist--not only are people voting for one or the other major party candidate, they're voting for you by voting at your Plurk election.

Considering the current state of the economy, Plurk's member-building gimmick may be the closest thing to a sure bet you'll see this election season.