Angry Birds Transformers takes flight

The Apple App Store version is now available, with an Android operating system counterpart coming at the end of the month.

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Ben Fox Rubin

"Autobirds" make an appearance at this year's New York Comic Con. Roger Cheng/CNET

Time for Autobirds and the Deceptihogs!

Angry Birds, the long-running mobile gaming franchise by developer Rovio Entertainment, rolled out another new version of the app Wednesday, mashing up the Transformers robot characters with the birds and piggies from the game.

The Angry Birds Transformers mobile game launched first in Apple's App Store. An Android operating system version will be available in the Google Play store on October 30. A version comes to Amazon's app store on November 4.

There have been many iterations of Angry Birds, with fans of the series already getting to play a "Star Wars"-themed game and a mash-up with the animated movie "Rio." But anyone interested in seeing what the Transformers' good-guy Autobots and evil Decepticons looks like as a bird can check out the new game.

The mobile app has a tie-in with Hasbro, which already has boosted its toy sales thanks to a series of Transformers movies. This time, Hasbro is selling Angry Birds Transformers action figures, called Telepods, which can be scanned in the mobile game to unlock special powers.

The Transformers mash-up follows Angry Bird Stella, which launched last month. That game has a female lead character and is being billed as the start of a new entertainment brand from Rovio.