RIM buys calendar specialist Tungle

Tungle.me service allows schedules to be synchronized across calendar platforms including Google, Outlook, Apple iCal, and Lotus Notes, and also plugs into social networks.

David Meyer Special to CNET News.com
Tungle.me service
Screenshot by Jonathan Skillings/CNET

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has bought Tungle, a start-up with a scheduling app that synchronizes across various calendar systems.

The deal was revealed yesterday in a Tungle blog post, in which company chief Marc Gingras said his team was "excited" about the takeover. The financial terms of the deal between the two Canadian companies have not been revealed.

"This is exciting for you too as we expect the Tungle service to only get better," Gingras wrote. "Our plan today is what it has always been--for Tungle to become integrated with your daily activities and be ubiquitous within the applications you're already using...As of today, the entire team is joining the ranks of RIM. It's playoff season and the Tungle team is focusing on putting the puck in the net for you, our customers."

The Tungle.me service allows schedules to be synchronized across a variety of calendar platforms, including Google, Outlook, Apple iCal, Entourage for Mac, Lotus Notes, Windows Live, and Yahoo. It also plugs into social networks such as Facebook, Plancast, TripIt, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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